Cancellation & Refund Policy

Last Updated on July 17th, 2019

Cancellation Policy

Your membership is a monthly subscription, that starts the day you make your payment.
The membership can be canceled anytime. Your access to the membership area will be granted until the expiration of the month you paid for.
Once your membership is ended, you will lose access to the Skool platform, including the community access, courses, and replays.

To have your membership canceled, you can send us an email at, or go to the membership area on Skool.

IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to create a dispute or a chargeback on a posted payment without contacting us first. If you dispute a

payment without contacting us first, you waive your right to have the dispute solved in your favor, and you agree that we to use this cancellation policy to "win" the dispute.

If a payment has been posted and should not have been to, because you've canceled the membership, contact us at or on Skool, so we can have a look, and eventually cancel & refund you.

If a payment fails, we'll try again a few days later. If the payment fails again, your access will be canceled immediately.

Refund Policy

Purchases/Payments are finals. There is no refund available.
If you live in the European Union, you are waiving your right for a 14d return policy, by accessing immediately to the content of the program.

Alex Billaut

Founder of Ad Shaker Academy